The Story of Alicia's On Camera Make-Up

Alicia's On Camera Make-Up was created and developed by Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Alicia Leonard.

Alicia has worked in the Television, Film, Print and Live Events industry for over 20 years. 

During her work on multiple production sets, she realized that the public market was starving for a much needed professional make-up on a daily basis. Makeup that wont clog your pores, or make you look shiny and have that non-natural feel.

All of our products have been hand selected for an optimal flawless appearance and an All Natural feel. 

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Newly developed product line called "On Camera". All Cosmetic and Airbrush Make-Up products are derived from organic and purely natural ingredients. Formulated to cover redness and skin blemishes with ease. No need for multiple coverage, just one stroke and you will be ready for "On Camera" or a just a simple flawless daily wear that enhances your natural beauty.

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All Natural Organic Skin Care.